Snapchat, Twitter, and EDD

Ridding the unnecessary. I’m referring to Snapchat & Twitter. They are addicting, & tbh, they become a lifestyle. But drama circulates these apps! I would pretty much just shove them in the category of: TOXIC. It’s not that I have a secret vendetta with these appsI just want to surface their ridiculousness. Back in December I realized they had no use in my life anymore, and so I deleted both apps, never looking back. But so many people have asked me why I got rid of them, so let me address this here.

Snapchat: We all know we don’t have the app just to use the puppy filter. We send a selfie to someone (or maybe 5+ people) and wait for that little triangle to not be shaded in anymore. Then, once we see that “opened” snapchat, we wait, ONCE AGAIN, for a reply. If we don’t get an expected reply, we jump to all sorts of conclusions. “Was that picture ugly?” “Why does he not want to talk to me?” “Omg he posted to his story but cant even answer me back.” “He tweeted yet can’t find the time to at least reply.” All this translates into one simple thing: Dramadrama…and more drama.

Lets be real.  I know everyone is guilty of this, and this included me.  So often people base their self worth on a dumb Snapchat that wasn’t replied to! Do we realize how pathetic this is!?!? You’re not alone, I have been guilty of this more than once.  But no more.

Snapchat is anything but intentional. Chances are, if someone snaps you, 7 times out of 10 it was either also put on their story or sent to more people than just you. Do you actually Snapchat to talk to friends, or to keep yourself busy? Maybe you’re sending a snap to people because you just took a bomb selfie and want people to show it to.  But what are you really hoping to get backmaybe some sort of validation? Some nice words to boost your confidence for the next few minutes, an hour perhaps, until the next Snapchat urge overtakes your better instincts and begin the silly regimen all over.  So are you using Snapchat just for attention because you’re not getting it from that one person you actually want it from?  In this sense, it’s less a vehicle of entertainment than an emotional need, which highlights other, deeper things going on in your life.

In my mind, if I actually wanted to communicate with someone, I’ll just text them or even the unheard of: call them—what a concept! The fact that guys will ask for your Snapchat before asking for your number these days is even more ridiculous. I hear girls say all the time, “We Snapchat but he pretends I don’t exist in person. Maybe it’s time to just step away from it all.  If the guy is truly interested, he’ll find a way to reach you.  Period.

Stories are a whole separate deal., We all know we watch them because are thumbs are bored and just automatically start tapping through them. Or even you’re trying to mentally stalk someone so that’s the first place you go. Maybe you even catch yourself unnecessarily judging your “friends” because of what they put on their story the night before. And the unhealthy obsession of Snapchat streaks…IT IS JUST A NUMBER, nothing worth dwelling on or fretting over!  OMG!

 What has technology reduced us to?  Such obsession, especially over something so inconsequential and artificial, is ludicrous and totally, entirely unhealthy.  Never mind a deeper question for those of us who call ourselves Christians:  Is any of this helping us grow closer to God or to live a more Christian, caring existence?  No & NOPE, absolutely not!

Now for Twitter… it is often nothing more that people clamoring for attention through the affirmation of retweets.  (Just reading this previous sentence sounds absurd!)  And don’t even get me started on “finstas” (insert an infinity amount of eye-roll emojis).

Come on guys, I know I probably sound harsh, but I feel strongly about this, and I think you all should as well.  We’re better than this, or we should be.  Yes, it’s SO EASY to get caught up in all of these unnecessary, dramafilled apps. But we should resist the temptation of time-drain of the drama.  Maybe you’re thinking, “No, I just like Twitter and Snapchat to keep me busy when I’m bored.” But think about that, about what you’re saying.  Can you really not find something more creative and constructive to do with you time than this?  What about picking up a book, sitting in silence, making some plans, or meditating and praying on the things we want to accomplish and are thankful for to date?  Or better yet, what about making arrangements to talk with someone IN PERSON!  Not virtually, but for real.

From a Christian perspective, these apps are not helping us grow in virtue as children of God.  We all are worth so much more than a mere Snapchat or a retweet. We should expect more for ourselves, demand more from our days, and put to better use the daily blessings He’s so generously bestowed on us.

So carpe diem!  Or EDD:  Expect more.  Demand more.  And Do more.  After all, aren’t you worth it?

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With so much love,

Cecilia Jean


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