Time to switch it up: Faith & Fashion

The classic and oh-so basic, “New year, New me!” comes to mind as I write this post. But what I really mean is, “New year, New priorities.”

For the first year of Ceciliajean.com, this platform was “Cecilia Jean, fashion & lifestyle.” That may sound extremely broad, but I actually felt confined behind that “blogger curtain.” I felt like I had to restrict my opinions at times, just to make my content relate to a larger audience.

I took a few months off from writing to really pray about what I wanted this space to be. I realized that my lifestyle is my FAITH, wholeheartedly, and that fashion just happens to be something I’m deeply passionate about. Looking forward, what truly excites me is being a Young Catholic woman–and wearing whatever makes me feel confident.

Let’s face it: this age of social media is HARD. We compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel. I’m here to be REAL with my journey in faith and share my all-inclusive sense of style.

Young Catholic women don’t have many relatable platforms. Most people don’t associate Catholicism with being “fashionable” or “modern,” butI’m here, I’m modern, I’d like to think I’m fashionable, and I know there are others like me out there—I’m meeting more of you all the time.  So let me declare my love for FAITH & FASHION. Hallelujah. Amen.


Like I said above, I wear whatever makes me feel great. If you have followed my journey so far, you know I don’t have a specific style and I don’t shop at specific stores. I wear what I’m feeling that day, I buy what catches my eye. When I hear my friends say, “I like it but…I couldn’t pull that off,” my response is always, IF YOU LOVE IT AND FEEL CONFIDENT WEARING IT, THEN YOU ARE PULLING IT OFF!  Put it on and wear it proud!

Come on now, I’m wearing pleated suit pants, a train conductor’s hat, and chunky, velvet, drag-queen-esque shoes, yet I love this look.  So be yourself, and live with authentic joy and self-confidence.

If ya like what ya see, you can shop the look with the links below. Nothing I wear is outrageously priced, for I’m balling on a college-girl’s budget.

Wide Cut Pants: #1   #2

Knit Sweater: #1    #2    #3    #4

Platform Lace-up booties 

Cabby Hat

-With so much love, Cecilia Jean-

If you look close enough, you can see my glorious double chin. Like I’m trying to be casual, but sometimes walking on balance-beam stones, in the snow, while wearing platform shoes just doesn’t look impromptu.
Happy on the outside, but on the inside deeply pondering why I’m hanging outside in 5 degrees without a coat. Do it for the picture.
Actually just worried if the salt is going to stain my pants. No worries, it shook right off.
No story here, just a candid and a pancake butt. 


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