Time for the Perfect Gift

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and you know what that means:  BLACK FRIDAY! And frantically running around for another 30 days trying to figure out what to buy everyone for Christmas!

I sometimes struggle with gift-giving.  I love to give but my indecisiveness kicks in. I always want to give something that will actually be used and treasured, something special–not just another pair of holiday PJs and matching fuzzy socks.

So here’s a gift suggestion I’m very excited about. I’ve collaborated with JORD Watches this season, and I can offer you 25% off any of their incredible timepieces! (Click HERE for exclusive coupon.) JORD creates unique wooden watches for both men and women. They’re one-of-a-kind pieces and exceptionally well crafted.  I truly get compliments on my watch every time I wear it.

JORD also offers a standout service: personalized engravings on the back plate! Engravings are such a wonderful personal touch when it comes to gifting, especially when you’re giving to family and loved ones. As seen in the pictures below, I got my watch engraved with “Faith in Christ,” a message that is a great support to me throughout the day. HERE is a link to more engraving information.

On a side note: I happen to have abnormally large wrists (thanks, Dad!), meaning most watches cut off the circulation to the rest of my hand. I’m seriously not kidding–when I wrap my fingers around my wrist, they don’t touch!  LOL! Good thing for me, JORD also offers custom watch-sizing, WOOHOO!  So if you need help sizing the perfect watch and fit, click HERE for a printable sizing chart.

The watch I’m wearing is the Frankie series in Zebrawood & Champagne. I throw it on with everything, and the brown and champagne color combo is fabulous.  Nor is this watch heavy.  Some timepieces make you feel like you’re doing arm curls at the gym with every movement, but not this one.

So if you’re looking for an unusual, beautiful, and intriguing gift to give this year, please consider a JORD watch.  Your gift will be personal, unique, as well as chic—the trifecta of gift-giving!  It’s a memorable gift that will keep on giving.

Use the link HERE to get 25% off any watch. I’ll also put this link in my Instagram bio.

(Spoiler alert: Everyone now knows what they’ll be getting from me this year!)

Happy Thanksgiving – and Happy Shopping!

–Cecilia Jean–

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