Monogrammed Pumpkin T-Shirt

Baggy long-sleeve shirts in the fall = MY JAM! Anything fall-related = get in my closet!  I’m especially obsessed with my Monogrammed Pumpkin T-Shirt gifted to me from MarleyLilly. 

I love the back of the shirt: “Advice from a Pumpkin: Be Well-Rounded, Get Plenty of Sunshine, Have Thick Skin, Stand Out in your Field, Think BIG”—what great advice for life!  It makes me wanna go buy a Starbucks’ PSL, take a stop at an apple orchard, stare at some beautiful changing trees, eat some warm cider donuts, and carve 900 pumpkins. This time of the year is just so amazing, and this fabulous shirt—from its color scheme to its pithy back message and monogrammed front initials—marvelously captures this season. (For reference, I’m 5’9 and wearing a size large)

I paired this shirt with my favorite skinny stretch jeans, which are now under $50. Of course, I had to bring my over-the-knee boots out from hiding–these bad boys are my go-to this season. They are in stock in every size (except size 13) for under $90. I’m tempted to buy this boot in grey suede–they can really make an outfit stand out.

The bag/ laptop case/ lunch box/ traveling makeup counter/ survival kit is BEYOND wonderful. Plus, it is on sale for 50% off! Even better, it comes in 5 colors. And it really does have an internal padded sleeve to protect your laptop. IDK about anyone else, but when something I love comes in multiple colors, I have this little internal voice saying, “Buy a second one!  Soooo dangerousssss.

Thanks again, MarleyLilly, for the wonderful shirt.  Safe to say, I LOVE IT!

-Cecilia Jean-

(Photos by Lisa Fergus)

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