The Top for Every Occasion

I’m struggling (hard) with finding time for everything: school, work, blog, family, friends, & my faith. Luckily, I felt the need to take a break from studying and finally get to writing…which brought me here. I’m sitting outside of Starbucks, in the shade, freezing my booty off on the iron chair, wishing I was wearing THIS TOP 🙌🏼 (smooth transition, ay?)

It is everything! It’s my go to sweater for every situation. Practically the greatest thing since sliced bread. I have worn it over a flowy t-shirt dress, or even just with simple leggings. Believe me or not, when you add it to your cart…it comes out to be only $24! Get it before it’s out of stock! (Secretly mad at myself because I paid more than double for it…but worth it for the amount I have used it.) I love how baggy and snuggly it is, perfect for this in-between warm/breezy/chilly @ night kinda days.

I’ve been into the whole “street style” kinda thing lately. Mostly because I wake up in zombie mode, my priorities are comfy & cute. I’m in love with these shiny sneakers…school, night out/party, outdoor activities, casual–perfect for it all. Also, the light pink bralette I’m wearing is also on SALE (under $20). I was honestly pretty suspicious about buying it because of the lace. For me, 8/10 times, lace (taking to you Victoria’s Secret) falls apart after one wash. But, I swear by Express & it has sustained multiple washes. So far so good 👏🏼

In the midst of all this hurricane action, I’m getting ready to leave for Houston in a few weeks. My best friend and I planned to go to a national young adult Catholic conference. After all the trauma Houston has been through, we are going to stay a little longer and see what help we can offer through the church. One thing I do know is, I already know what sweater I’m wearing on the plane!

Have a blessed Sunday readers,

–Cecilia Jean–

Pictures by: Lisa Fergus

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