Back To The Basics

This past week I’ve been throwing together casual outfits with basic pieces I’ve collected in the past few months. Considering I wake up @ 6:00 for school everyday, my brain can’t 100% handle an elaborate, well thought-out outfit, or at least until my first cup of coffee. They say to “set your outfit out the night before,” but we all know that never works. The only thing it does is further clutter my dressing room floor.  I’m a total morning person, but my problem is this: I get way too caught up watching Say Yes to the Dress instead of focusing on getting ready for the day. Then before I know it, I’m snatching up a meal bar & running out the door…just in time to sit in 30 minutes of traffic.

After all my rambling ^ up there, my point is this. Having comfy & cute basics in your wardrobe is extremely beneficial when you are scrambling to put clothes on your body before the sun is even up.

I’ll start with this Choker Ripped Tee. I’ve worn it an endless amount of times since I got it last month from Nordstrom Rack. In fact, as I write this, in the school library, sitting on this cloth chair that I know hasn’t been cleaned since ’02, while waiting for my next lecture, I am wearing this shirt, which I’ll now have to throw in the wash when I get home because who knows what kinda germs are on it now…LOL. *getting back on track* It’s on SALE for $19 and in stock in Small (it runs big).

My jeans. My favorite jeans of all time. My favorite band of all time. I just love these jeans. KanCan is the brand. They sell their jeans at Buckle (yes, that store sells other denim besides the sparkly, bejeweled pocket kind that you’d see girls wearing at a rodeo), and I occasionally find KanCan at TJMaxx if I’m lucky that day. Their jeans stay together, don’t fade, are stretchy, and are reasonably priced–plain & simple.

I found these super feminine loafers with the cute bow @ TJs as well. I linked similar ones below. I’m sure you have seen this shoe trend everywhere, & I can’t help but jump on that bandwagon! Ahhh, they are just so easy and comfy. I’m hoping the snow is majorly delayed this year. I’m trying to get multiple seasons out of all my new loafers.

Bottom line, it’s possible to make comfy & simple look cute & snazzy. I linked some more of my fave basics below. Happy Tuesday & Happy shopping!

-Cecilia Jean


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Top Row:    #1    #2    #3    #4    #5

Bottom Row:    #1    #2    #3    #4    #5

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