Overalls + Camo

It’s been a while readers. I’ve taken a little break from social media…with my new school and work schedule coming up, I just needed a vacation from it. I actually have been with limited service the past few days. I was at my friend’s lake house and then went boating on the Mississippi River, as well. I NEEDED THAT…a great way to end my summer.

I have this crazy obsession with camo, idk why or where it came from but THANK GOODNESS it’s in style! I think it’s the whole green thing, definitely my favorite color to wear…next to pink. So obviously pairing this camo tee ($20) with a pink overall dress ($30) makes the outfit! I love this super cute & casual look…although the summer is technically coming to an end, it’s still warm out, people!

These sneakers are on sale for only $25 from DSW! They are hands down one of my most comfortable shoes. I wore them on the 4th of July and walked miles in the city, my feet didn’t hurt one bit. They have a little pink accent on the back, too. This denim hat is from DSW, as well. Whenever I go in there i just get carried away, even their socks look cool in that store. I’m a sucker for buying the stuff that is on the racks in the checkout line…lol their advertising team is doing things right.

Have a relaxed Thursday night & an even happier Friday!

-Cecilia Jean-

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