Decorating on a College Girl’s Budget

So you’re probably thinking…”How did this 19-year-old just re-do her entire room on a college girl’s budget?” When I moved, I got rid of everything and just started over. Here’s how I did it:

Facebook Marketplace, People! It’s like Craigslist but 100x better. My Pier 1 Imports Hayworth Furniture Collection was definitely not bought from the store. I would look on Marketplace every morning and find this stuff! I found three different people selling pieces from the same collection. Here I am, messaging offers to randoms for their furniture. My dad & I would take the seats out of our huge Suburban and make the trek over pick  up the purchases (bringing him with because one, I can’t lift this stuff by myself; and two,  people are weird).  Before I knew it, I had a complete set (& all for under $700,  which is the price of just one  dresser in the set, LOL).  I also  see a lot of mirrored furniture at HomeGoods and TJMaxx. It truly takes some hunting to get what you want for the price you want, but it’s certainly possible!

Here are the pieces I found: —Bedside Chest—    —Lingerie Chest—    —Dresser—    —Desk

I also tried the  real plant thing. I even tried the whole cactus thing…even if it needs water, no water, sunlight, no sunlight…somehow I  still managed to kill it all! Fortunately, I had a Plan B:  fake plants! (Should have been my Plan A considering I wasted close to $100 on real plans that are currently shriveled up in planters in a corner beneath the hole in the ceiling where I had tried to hang them–ya live and ya learn). Anyway, I got all my fake plants from TJs and HomeGoods. They have a large selection at great prices!

I always wanted an upholstered bed. I found this adorable grey one (linked here), and it even has silver studs on the headboard. I had to put it together, but it wasn’t hard to do and it’s  surprisingly  sturdy and well made. I give it 5 stars and recommend it for sure!

Regarding  my closet, I removed the doors and made it my  desk area. I  painted the back wall pink– adding depth and a pop of color. I was lucky enough to have a separate dressing room for all my clothes, so I didn’t need this closet area for clothes. Keep on the lookout for a post about this second room  in the near future!

With everything, I probably spent a little over a grand—bed and bedding, end tables and desk, carpet and decorations, etc.—which is actually a great deal. . I looked at it as an investment; this is “big girl” furniture and will be put to use for the rest of my life. And if and when I grow tired of it, I’m confident I can sell once again.

Everything else in these pictures is linked below/  Hope you love it as much as I do!

–Cecilia Jean–


Bed   |   Pillow Shams   |   Canvas above bed (peach version) (Pink version)   |   Faux fur pillow (20 x 20) (22 x 22)   |   Faux grass plant   |   Faux grass floor plant   |   Duvet cover   |   Floor mirror   |   Faux fur stool   |   Tufted chair


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