Midi Skirts, Ruffles, & Leopard Prints

Well, this is my 3rd time writing this post–I wish you could hear my aggravation though my writing. Not a lot of things annoy me. But, when technology doesn’t’ work properly, it gets to me. *deep breath & exhale*

Moving on, hope you enjoyed your holiday and remembered to give thanks for the wonderful country we live in!  We so often take for granted what other folks in the world would give anything to experience for a single day.

For me, I spent Sunday on the lake and yesterday in Wrigleyville–no, not at a Cubs game, just having a relaxed time grilling ata friend’s house and enjoying good company. I passed on hitting the Chicago beaches this year–something about standing in hot sand on top of bear caps amid increasingly drunk young kids while police officers watch your every move just didn’t appeal to me.

And now onto this outfit . . .  I love my midi skirts: A-line and below the knee. Such a classic piece with endless ways to jazz it up, such as:

  • Adding a statement shoe
  • Choosing unexpected hues or prints

Leopard print is my jam, but it can get tricky. In my eyes, there is a fine line when it comes to this pattern. It can look cheep and trashy or chic and classy. My leopard print Anne Kelin pumps are perfect for jazzing up an outfit full of soild colors. (They’re also extremely comfortable and affordable.)

Green, off the shoulder, & ruffles…GET IN MY CLOSET!  It gets better….this dreamy bodysuit is under $9 from Charming Charlie. The bold color adds the perfect pop into this look. Because it’s off the shoulder, I needed something to go around my neck, so I wore a polka-dot scarf as an accent—Voila!  Another wonderful outfit.

Shop my outfit below!

Happy Hump Day People,

Cecilia Jean


Skirt    |    Bodysuit    |    Heels    |    Skirt 

(Photos by Lisa Fergus)

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