Not so Mellow Yellow

It is such a beautiful day! 70 degrees, the sun is shinning, the wind is blowing. I got out of work early (WOOT WOOT) and heading to Sunday night mass in a few minutes. Life lately is fabulous!

It seemed like such a great idea to take some photos in a forest, wearing 5-inch wedges. Wasn’t one of my brightest ideas…LOL. Yellow is just so fun and uplifting! It’s one of those colors I never used to buy, but now I’m immediately attracted to it when I see it on a store rack. So, when I saw Yellow + Ruffles, I couldn’t help myself.

Now let’s talk wedges…these are $35 bucks, people! DSW is the place to go, especially when it comes to clearance shoes. I always walk in there looking for something specific and leave with everything but the shoes I initially planned to buy…talk about a dangerous store.

On a different note, the Bachelorette…something (I admit) I watch religiously. Lee needs to go, he is so fake! Also, why is Iggy even still there? Rachel is SO not into him. He acts like he’s her big brother but then tries to be romantic all at once?? And I’m not even going to start with Josiah. I’m #teamDean and #teamPeter ALL THE WAY!

Ok, I got my guilty-pleasure rant out of the way!

On a more significant note, have a blessed weekend, everyone! -Cecilia Jean

(Photos by Lisa Fergus)

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Ruffle Top    |    Off-The-Shoulder Top    |    Ruffle Top    |    Aqua & Yellow Tassle Earing  |    Wedge Sandal    |    Aqua Tassle Earing

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