Easiest Outfit Ever: The Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit. Pants and shirt combo. Two-second outfit choice. Only having to decide on shoes in the A.M. Totally in. Most importantly…you don’t have to shave your legs! We all dread that summer morning where you throw on shorts and realize you cant walk out of the house till you take a 15-minute detour to the sink. With a jumpsuit, that’s never an issue. The easier, the better!

I found this outfit from one of my favorite online boutiques (https://www.dottiecouture.com/) a year ago and fell in love with the horizontal stripes…making me look even taller than I already am. Whenever wearing stripes I really try to stay away from horizontal designs, which only makes the body look wider.

Moreover, the Steve Madden ‘Jaylen’ wedge sandal has been one of my best purchases this summer. They are dupes for Marc Fisher’s ‘Adalyn’ sandal. There is a $100 difference between the two, which is why the Steve Madden’s are flying off the shelf.  I picked them up in black and taupe. I kid you not, they are unbelievably comfortable. They look narrow, but I have obnoxiously wide feet and the shoe stretches to fit. I’ll wear them to work, where I’m constantly standing, and feel fine at the end of the day.

So maybe going through mind right now is, “I feel like I’m not a jumpsuit person. Maybe I’m too short. Will people think it’s weird wearing one?” No, you’re not too short, and no, it’s definitely not weird. Get out of your comfort zone. They can be flattering on all body types. Wear what you love!

Below I linked some great striped jumpsuits offered at awesome deals. Some of them may be from sketchy websites, but I’ve bought things for all of them, and I was always happy with my purchases. Check them out!

It’s Monday, make it feel like a Friday!

-Cecilia Jean

Photos by Lisa Fergus


All under $40!         #1    |    #2    |    #3    |    #4

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