Classy Steals

This jumpsuit was one of those buys where I walked into Old Navy and this outfit immediately caught my eye.  I grabbed my size and walked straight to the register. I knew right away I would LOVE it! The modest neck-line, form-fitting belt, and of course the vibrant floral pattern sold me. Also, linen fabric is the best thing to wear during hot weather months; it’s so comfortable and breathable. Even better, it’s on SALE: $32 bucks online and even cheaper in the stores. (They even had a super cute denim version, but of course they were out of my size.) Use code NEEDED for 30% off your purchase online, TODAY ONLY!

Below are some other great finds I found this morning at Old Navy.  BTW, I went back because 1) I have a shopping addiction, and 2) they have an incredible sale going on.

A lot of girls my age don’t ever walk into Old Navy because they consider it a “mom” store. It most definitely is NOT. They might not have booty shorts or crop tops, but they have the best basics. I think it’s important, as a young adult woman, to own some pieces of clothing that are more modest. I’m not saying you need Bermuda shorts that you were forced to wear in middle school. But a nice 3 1/2 inch inseam short is a staple for your wardrobe.

Modest = Classy.

Modest does not = old fashioned.

-Cecilia Jean

Photos by Lisa Fergus


Blouse    |    Shorts    |    Sandal


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