Why I Changed My Mind On Extensions

A lot of you probably didn’t notice, but back in January my hair got magically longer. I wore extensions for about 4 months. I was absolutely OBSESSED with them. My favorite blogger, Amber Fillerup, came out with a line of clip-in hair extensions. They were reasonably priced, real hair, and came in the perfect color. (HERE is what I purchased) My best friend, who is also a hair stylist, cut the extensions for me so they blended into my real hair. They added a few inches of length to my hair (21 inches total). What I really loved is that the extensions doubled my thickness! Now, I don’t have abnormally thin hair by any means, but I loved the extra thickness for volume and to have thicker braids.

I took extremely good care of my hair and my extensions. I never slept with them still clipped in…taking them out every night after I wore them. I always brushed my hair with an extension brush. I wore them just every other day. I would just clip them in, curl all my hair, and then the extensions would stay perfectly curled for weeks…simple enough!

But one day while getting ready for the gym, as I threw my hair up in a bun, I noticed that pieces of hair on the back of my head were not staying in the bun. It looked like I had a rat tail!!  My hair was totally breaking off. There was a good amount of hair that was 8 or so inches shorter than the rest. I couldn’t believe it. My hair felt so thin.

This really worried me. I spent money on extensions that I came to be dependent on, and now they were ripping out my actual hair! I guess it made since to me … heavy wefts of hair attached to my real hair, pulling on my scalp … hmm doesn’t seem too healthy LOL … I should have guessed. Long story short, I decided to package them up and put them out of sight forever–under my bed.

Now, I don’t know if it was just this brand of clip-in hair extensions that caused this to happen, or if this also happens with Bellami, Laced, etc. But I was really disappointed, especially since I usually like everything associated with Amber Fillerup.

Luckily, my hair is starting to grow back, and I’m now just focusing on growing longer and thicker hair on my own. No fake hair needed for now. Below I added some pictures of my hair with and without my extensions.  So if you have always thought about buying clip-in extensions, I hope you’ll keep this experience in mind.  You may regret your decision in the long run. The best advice I have is it take ridiculously great care of your OWN REAL HAIR.

Here are some tips for healthier and longer hair that I follow religiously:

  • Use Olaplex regularly
  • Use 7 seconds leave-in conditioner on the daily– I swear it’s miracle growth
  • Wash your hair less frequently — the more you shampoo, the more you are extracting the healthy oils from your hair

Finally, I have heard great things about extensions that are sewed into the hair using flat bonds that last for months. They are a lot more pricy, but that’s the only route I would now consider if opting for extensions. Spend the extra money, because it won’t result in long-term damage to your hair.  I am definitely considering investing in this service,  because I miss my thicker hair! 😦

–Cecilia Jean

(Here’s a pic of the damage it did to my bottom layer of hair, showing all the breakage and how short it is now. Keep in mind I had no color service done during the time I used extensions…meaning bleaching did not cause the breakage.)



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