Hello Maxi!

So I have officially finished my freshman year of college. I survived with all A’s and B’s, WOOT WOOT! They say it goes by fast . . . well, not for me. Lol, that was such a long year! But, reflecting back on the time between my graduation from highschool to the present, I can’t even start to list the things I’ve learned, the ways I’ve grown, and what seemed to be the “out-of-reach goals” now accomplished. I really am so blessed for an amazing and extremely fulfilled year.

Taking a complete 180-spin here . . . Find this skirt on the sale rack at your nearest Target. That’s right, grab your keys and go . . . now! This adorable bo-ho style, free-spirit, floral skirt never popped up online for me to share with you all, but I’ve seen it at the 2 Targets by me for $10ish. It did run a little short, so I went a size up. Then again, my legs take up my entire body, so it’s probably just a “me” issue. I linked some of my favorite maxi skirts of the season down below. Take a look–they all are super reasonably priced.

I also found some time ago this knitted halter top from a resale shop. I figured that halters would soon be “in” again, so I hung onto it. The only thing that bothers me about halters is finding the right “sticky-bra.” I’m never happy with the ones I buy–any suggestions? A strapless bra doesn’t cut it, and I hate worrying if my shirt is falling down and showing it in the back.
If you’ve read my previous blogs, you know I’m a total hat girl. I love them! I swear, they add so much character to an outfit in a matter of seconds. If you’re on the fence thinking, “Idk. I never wear hats. Does it look good? Will people think it’s weird I’m wearing a hat?” Chances are you look bomb, and people will be wondering why they aren’t wearing one, too! So take the risk, and throw it on! Save yourself $4 in dry shampoo. LOl.

I found these heeled sandles from New York and Company. Talking to you girls my age–it’s okay to shop there! NY&C’s clothes are so well made that you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll want to buy there. And also, their sales are out of this world. You may think that their clothes are all business, but they totally aren’t. Stop in and take a look next time you’re at the mall—you won’t regret it.

Although our weather recently has been rather awful, I’m going to make the best of it, as you should too, every day. Play the cards that are dealt, and play them well–to your advantage. And I know what I’ll be doing over Memorial Day: moving all my clothes and shoes into my new house–exciting, but a ton of work!

Thanks for stopping by!

Cecilia Jean


(L–>R)    Maxi 1   |   Maxi 2   |   Maxi 3   |   Maxi 4   |  Ribbed Blush Top

Shoe 1    |    Shoe 2    |    Shoe 3    |     Cream Crochet Top   |   Black Knit

(Photos by Lisa Fergus)


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