Camo Pants & Baseball Hats

Hey readers, long time no see! So my family and I are moving, and that has pretty much consumed my entire life. Not to worry, I’m having fun totally redecorating my entire room. I cant wait to share it all with you! P.S. I also am putting together (with some help from friends) a DIY dressing room…lets just say that way to many hours were spent at IKEA (& can we just give a second to praise their meatballs, they are foodcourt goals). If you follow me along on my Instagram Stories or Snapchat (Ceciliapappas) you probably saw the craziness of that day.

On an entire different note, the past few months I’ve had a weird, crazy obsession with anything camo! I’m just drawn to the pattern, & I love to wear green. Now, I’m not talking about some hick-looking, huntin’ camouflage attire found at an outdoorsy store. No, I’m most definitely not trying to blend into the trees. In fact, the goal is the opposite: to stand out! I rarely see people wearing it as a fashion statement. But, I have to admit, when I wore these pants some of my friends joked that my legs were “invisible.” LOL *insert eye roll emoji*… But by the end of the conversation they were actually asking where I bought them. Lo and behold, I found these awesome camo utility pants at TARGET. These pants are super stretchy like jeggings, they fit like high-waisted pants, and, best of all, they’re only $30.

I’m also super big into hats: baseball hats, floppy hats, fedoras, idc… They come in handy on days when I don’t have time to wash my hair & when dry shampoo isn’t going to do me any justice. I got this cap (ON SALE FOR $8) at, where else, Target. I actually have it in three colors though it comes in more: pink, olive green, cream, white, and black. It’s also adjustable, which is nice because I have an abnormally large skull for some reason (thanks, Dad!).

I found this ribbed, keyhole, black shirt at Goodwill, & it comes in so handy. I linked a similar one below. I’m wearing it with mySteve Madden black leather sneakers. If you don’t have a pair, I’m pretty sure every store has a knock-off, but I actually found my trustee Steves at TJMaxx. On a side note, I’m tempted to get a TJ credit card, but this isn’t a smart move for a college student: buy your clothes in cash or pass–you’ll thank yourself later.

On a more general note, my personal style lately is all over the board. I really just wear whatever I love.  Look “girly” one day, edgy the next, and then professional for that important meeting.  Go from a hot pink floral dress with heels one hour to high-waisted mom jeans, a cut-cropped-T, and sneakers the next. And if anyone asks, “What’s your style?” then say proudly,  “the best style of all: flexibility!”

The great DK (Donna Karan) changed the fashion industry in the ’80s with her “seven easy pieces,” mix-and-match line, to specifically to help women move easily from the board room to the dance floor. So change it up, and whatever you wear, own it! Attitude is always the best accessory of all.

On another note, keep me in your prayers, people…’tis the season of the dreaded finals!


–Cecilia Jean–


Camo Pants   |   Crop top   |   Off-the-shoulder top   |   Baseball cap   |   Sneakers

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