Post-Lent Lessons: 40 Days Without Meat

So, the Lenten season has come to a close. I had an amazing Easter last weekend, my older brother came back from college and surprised us in the morning before church! Hope you all had a great weekend, as well. Easter night I went to McDonalds & indulged in a chicken sandwich! I’m not a fast-food person, but I thought it was appropriate to do so since I could finally have meat again!

Way back in March, I decided to give up all meat for Lent. People seriously thought I was crazy & some even asked me a few times, “Are you sure you wanna do this?” Sure enough…for 40 days I converted to pescatarian diet- no meat but allowed to eat fish. I never really saw anything attractive about being vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian and never understood the advantages with it all. Now, I totally understand.

Before deciding to give up meat, I did some research. People claimed that they had more energy, a decrease in bloating, and all around feeling healthier. Believe it or not, ALL OF THAT IS SOOO TRUE! I actually ended up losing weight! I’m going to be honest, the first week and a half was rough. Removing meat from my diet kinda threw everything off for me. My digestion was way out of wack, and I couldn’t eat what the rest of my family was eating for dinner most of the time. But, no worries, it got better! After about two weeks, I started to get into a routine. I definitely had lots more energy than before, a very noticeable amount (especially at the gym). I also noticed I didn’t feel like I was going to explode after a big meal…bloating completely vanished! Another great thing was when my friends & I would go out to eat, I pretty much had to order the healthier options. I wasn’t drawn to the burger, chicken sandwich, or tacos! I didn’t walk out of the restaurant immediately regretting what I just consumed.

As I’m in transition to incorporating meat back into my diet, I’m kinda hesitant. I LOVE meat, don’t get me wrong, but I loved the way I felt without it! I simply just felt healhier. For the future, I definitely will not eat it as much as I used to. I have realized I don’t need to consume it with every meal & there are other great alternative options. I also learned a great deal of self control. The best part was, whenever I wanted to eat meat, it reminded me to focus on turning my heart and mind back toward God. So happy I made it through a whole 40 days sans meat! 

If you have any questions or interested in what I substituted for meat, just comment. I’d be happy to give you some insight. 


–Cecilia Jean–

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