Bell Bottoms & Bodysuits

Sunday Funday, Gals!

The one item that will make you perfectly on-trend for spring…flared jeans! Believe it or not, they are back and here to stay! Don’t get me wrong, I love my skinnies, but I was definitely missing the flare. Yes, ladies, the 70’s are back (*acting like I was alive then & knew what 1970 was all about*) LOL!

I went to some handy-dandy thrift stores and stocked up on some ‘old-school’ denim (yes, including some ‘mom jeans’ that I will cut into cute shorts). I found these beauties for a few bucks, and they were high-waisted. I couldn’t believe it! Then, I went to the mall and saw similar pairs in nearly every store! Obviously, I felt empowered knowing I just bought them for a billion times cheaper.

[On a side note, don’t be hesitant to re-sale/consignment/goodwill shop. I find many of my favorite pieces at those places. And they are always for dirt cheap, and there’s nothing better than that. I don’t mind if it was worn by somebody else before me, that’s what a washing machine is for…DUH]

Now lets talk bodysuits.  I was always skeptical about wearing them. Are they really comfortable? Do wearing them mean more work to go to the bathroom? Am I going to have underwear lines, or in this case bodysuit lines? I was pleasantly surprised once I bought a few and wore them out. They are super comfortable! I didn’t have to worry about keeping a shirt tucked in or making sure nothing bunched up. Regarding the “underwear line” situation…yah, I just kinda hike it up high (if you know what I mean…it does the job HAHA). All in all, they are for sure growing on me.

I threw on a classic camel-tone jacket over the top and added a matching choker to tie the look together, & of course I brought out my big circle sunnies . . .  so so so appropriate for this look!

Make the most out of today. Hope you all have an amazing & unbelievably productive week!


–Cecilia Jean–

(Photos by Lisa Fergus)


Cross Strap V-neck   |   Strap Front Cami   |   Wired V-Neck   |   Pink Sunnies   |   Gold sunnies   |   Choker         (All above bodysuits come in multiple color options–gotta love Express)


#1     |     #2 *On Sale*    |     #3     |     #4

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