Swinging into Spring

Long time no see readers! It’s my spring break, so I decided to take a “spring break” from social media and just disconnect myself form everything for a few days.

I recently have been binge- buying spring and summer clothes, but it’s still COLD out! So, in my desperate need to wear my new purchases, I just modified them slightly. I added tights. I have seen this look here & there on Pinterest but never actually put it into action. Turns out, LOVE it! 

Adding tights to a romper is a perfect way to squeeze multiple seasons out of a “warm-weather piece.” Doesn’t look too shabby, amiright? I found this silvery, fringy necklace at….shocker…Target! I had to have it. I wear it with practically everything. I bought these open- toed booties about a year ago, & I seriously get endless use out of them. 

Now let’s talk hair. Yes, I have extensions in. I bought them back in December, definitely worth the price. I wear them from time to time to give my hair some more thickness & a little length. The hair is from  my blogging inspiration, Amber Fillerup Clark, who now has a hair extension company called Barefoot Blonde Hair— real hair attached to wefts. I LOVE braiding with them in– I just clip in the hair and braid away. The color I am wearing is called “melt my heart.” I will write about my extensions soon.

If you’re in the same boat as me, today is our last day of freedom . . . I mean break. I attended Mass this morning, and now it’s time to get serious with  my homework I’ve put off till today . . . lol. Definitely hanging at Starbucks all day till I get it done. Enjoy your Sunday!


–Cecilia Jean–

(Photos by Lisa Fergus)


Okay, guys…below are the links to the outfit pieces I’m wearing, all are reasonably priced, check them out! (btw the sunnies are super unique, the lenses are mirrored and look amazing in person!)

Knee-length Cardigan   |   Cardigan   |   Fringy Necklace   |   Sunnies   |   Booties

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