Wrappin’ up winter, gettin’ ready for spring

This is one of my favorite outfits for “wrappin’ up winter, gettin’ ready for spring” kinda look. It is SOO beyond classic & classy!

As you all know, Target is like my go-to for everything. I truly believe that walking into that store fixes all my problems…I need one within walking distance, please! I have received lots of compliments on these booties, and they are seriously $19 right now (TY Target Gods). They have every size in stock online.  Snatch them up while you can! And they are honestly super comfortable and surprisingly easy to walk in for a four-inch block heel. They have them in black, too!

I also recently started shopping more at Express. I always loved their clothes, but I restricted myself from going in there because I know I would spend too much (since it’s a little more on the pricy side for #collegestudentlife). I realized a few months ago that their sales are AMAZINGG…& now I’m hooked. I got these jeggings there for super cheap, & now I’m addicted. One you start, you can’t stop–you know what I mean, fellow Express Lovers.

This striped shirt is classic. I found it at TJMaxx. I linked a similar one (even cuter in my opinion) below. I cannot wait to wear it with white jeans and colored skirts this spring.

On an entirely different note, if you read my last post you know that I gave up all meat for Lent. Update: it is not as hard as I thought. I actually feel lighter…maybe it’s just all in my mind, LOL. Either way, I’m kinda digging it so far.

Happy Friday, Guys!


–Cecilia Jean–

Photos by Lisa Fergus


Bootie   |    Shirt    |    Bootie

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