Pink, Pink, Pink in The Gym

Like I’ve said before, having some new workout gear is honestly a wonderful motivator.  I’m usually one to buy my leggings/sports bras from TJMaxx, but I walked passed Sears at a nearby mall the other day, and I saw ADORABLE matching sets. I went back the next week to look around, and I fell in love with more wonderful sets.

Now, I haven’t shopped in Sears since around  2010, but I’m so glad I stopped by. They sell the workout brand “Everlast,” & their stuff fits me like a glove! (The images on their website don’t  do the products ANY justice. Lol  They need better marketing!).

The Leggings are ON SALE for $20 and the Sports Bra for $15.  Also,  use the code APPAREL for 15% off! The front trim of the Sports Bra and the sides of the Leggings are a navy blue mesh.  Everything is also super stretchy and comfy.

I’m not a fan of blending in with the basic, run-of-the-mill athletic wear: black leggings and T-shirt. I promise you’ll stand out with these outfits, but in a good way, feeling great in the process.  Enjoy!


–Cecilia Jean–

(Photos by Lisa Fergus)


Sports Bra

Phone Arm Band

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