Fave Furry Sneakers

Wow, what a crazy past few days. School started again, and although people say “syllabus week” is easy, it’s super stressful trying to get into a routine and organize everything. I had a 7am class this morning & I thought it was going to be terrible! Turns out, I love that it was so early. Today was very a productive day- such a great feeling.

I saw some of my favorite fashion bloggers over the past few months wearing furry, fold-over sneakers. I fell in love with these shoes! But, they’re $230! (see here) So, I went on the hunt for a similar product, and JCPenney came to the rescue: my new fave shoes (see here) for only $60! The inside is warm and furry, & the shoe can be folded over or laced up the ankle. I wear them with jeans, joggers, leggings, etc. They’re the ultimate in versatility.

I also love my shirt and bralette combo. This drape neck, long sleeve top (item here $14) is a perfect piece for an easy transition from daytime “cashz” to nighttime chic. It drapes just low enough to show a strappy bralette like the one I’m wearing (item here$10). Having a piece like this comes in major handy. I throw it on under any V-neck shirt to give my look a little “extra something.”

I’m also a sucker for a big pom hat. I found this one at Target & bought it in black as well. It’s so warm, soft, and cozy. It comes in 6 colors. Totally recommend it! (item here $12)

Happy Thursday, have a fabulous and productive rest of your night!


-Cecilia Jean-

(Photos by Lisa Fergus)

2 thoughts on “Fave Furry Sneakers

  1. The outfit really looks good on you. The hat is too cute. The shoe also looks real comfortable and can be worn with various outfits. It is the perfect shoe for cold weather. Warm, furry and soft. Keep on sharing more wonderful outfits and looks with us

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