The Forever Fashionable Faux Fur Vest

Hey, Readers! Over here in the Chicago area it’s been dark and gloomy, but that’s better than snow in my book. I have a ski trip this weekend with my best friend Dana (can’t wait to see you!) & I’m hoping it will be sunny & kinda warm. If the only snow we had were the manmade kind, that would be fine with me. I haven’t been skiing in a couple years, so I’m praying I come back in one -piece (One thing’s for sure: I will definitely take this weekend as a photo op).

When it comes to the classic faux fur vest, the fashion opportunities are endless! It is one of this season’s biggest trends and more versatile than ever. It is also one of the best layering transitional pieces out there. It may not be the warmest (due to the faux fur) but it definitely can jazz up even the most frequently worn outfit.

I paired mine with an olive tunic, some black-ripped denim & OTK boots. Of course, I threw on my fave black fedora–because, “Why not!” (hat here ON SALE) A fur vest can instantly transform turn one’s fashion statement: from commonplace to classy in one simple move!


-Cecilia Jean-

(Photos by Lisa Fergus)

Shop my look (L–>R):     Boots #1  |  Boots #2  |  Boots #3  |  Vest #1  |  Vest #2


One thought on “The Forever Fashionable Faux Fur Vest

  1. Looking nice!!! I always research on blogs and reviews for my fashion accessory needs. Recently I have gone through a post like this and bought a fur accessories from the Amifur online store and believe me it was an awesome feeling when I received this hat.

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