My Christmas Attire 

That time of year has come when we see (and it seems like never-ending) tons of family and friends. The two questions I can always count on multiple people asking: How I did in school & do you have a boyfriend? I would rather just have them ask where I got my outfit. . . LOL.

I was in Chicago yesterday and I HAD to take pics by the Wrigley Building’s beautiful Christmas decorations. I was surprised at how nice and aware people were who were walking by. They weren’t walking in front of the camera or trying to photobomb! Everyone was very friendly and courteous.

So, I got this dress at Forever 21. It was an item from “the sale of the week” rack. I can’t seem to find it online, but I linked super similar dresses below. . .can’t go wrong with any of them. My heels are by Steve Madden. They were originally $100 but I GOT THEM FOR $14! Nope, not a typo. They were on the discount rack at DSW. I seem to always find great items on their sale racks. I added a big silver statement necklace to top off my look. (Funny story: When I went to put on this necklace, I noticed the clasp had fallen off. I quickly dug in my purse & found a paper clip – worked just as great!).

Hope this gave you some holiday outfit inspiration! Make sure to shop my look below 🙂


-Cecilia Pappas-


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dress pics.jpg

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