Leather on Leather on Leather

Sorry readers! I’ve been absent lately on the blog . . .  crazy finals. But my first semester has come to an end, and HELLO! A month & a half off school! . . . Starting a continuous cycle of work, gym, friends, shopping, & photoshoots.  Whatta life 🙂

I’ve been SOO into black leather lately. I’ve always felt it was a great accent with blonde hair.  I’ve been especially on the hunt for black faux leather leggings, and I scored big at Target. These leggings are under $20 and extremely comfortable. Def worth the buy.

Old Navy is THE BEST place for basics. I got this top from there, and once again I bought it in 3 other colors. I always get shirt sizes bigger so they’re “flowy” – kinda like a tunic.

Also, black leather jackets come in very handy. The one I’m wearing (leather jacket here) is from Forever 21 and under $25! I wear mine practically everywhere – it’s surprisingly warmer than you would think. With some of these cold Chicago winter days, I often have to throw on a scarf. I linked some wonderfully priced jackets below . . .  check it out!

I hope everyone is caught up with their Christmas shopping. Happy wrapping!


-Cecilia Jean-

(Photos by Lisa Fergus)

Shop my look:   Jacket (top right)  |  Jacket (top left)  |  Jacket (bottom left)  |  Jacket (bottom right)  |  Leather Leggings…they look super odd in the pic, but I promise they look amazing on  |  Old Navy Basic Tee  |  Bootie  |  Bootie


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