Through the Eyes of an Alpha Female

For those of you who don’t know me, after reading this you will probably feel closer to me than ever before.  LOL. Some of you will relate, and some of you will realize we are total opposites–and that’s OK!

Being an Alpha Female is pretty awesome, for the most part. I would know this because, without hesitation,  I would consider myself one.

What being an Alpha Female means to me:

We’re fiercely driven and the epitome of “Miss Independent.” There’s no hesitation here to go after exactly what I want. In other words, we like to get sh$t done! We have a strong sense of self and our uncontainable confidence might scare people away.

We’re also incredibly stubborn, hard-headed, opinionated, and can be intimidating or misjudged. Submissive or passive isn’t even in my vocabulary. Probably the total opposite of passive-aggressive. Speaking our minds comes second nature to us, which can be a little overwhelming to some. I’m not someone to delicately dance around an issue. I won’t hesitate to say how I feel. We are bold, and we understand not everyone is going to agree with us.

As romance goes, we’re pretty unfazed by clichés. While flowers, rings, chocolates, and some “punny” Hallmark card might seem cute, they kinda make me sick– not “melt my heart.” I don’t know about you, but the lovey-dovey stuff isn’t what’s impressive. In order to get any Alpha’s attention, something a little more original is going to have to be brainstormed. Like I said, we’re challenging. We have our own thoughts and opinions and they aren’t easily swayed. I would rarely consider myself  in a “Damsel in Distress” moment. I’m not trying to wait around to get rescued from a tower by a prince. I will find my own way down & look for my prince another time.

We’re do-ers, not talk-ers. I take great pride in my ambition and confidence. I’m completely satisfied with being self-reliant and self-sufficient. I believe our confidence demands attention, and we reflect this in the clothes we wear. We can be gifted, with poise and the ability to capture people with our energy. The spotlight can shine brightly on us, and I’m totally comfortable with that kind of attention. I’m one to take charge in a group project, or be the person that volunteers to present first. I would actually prefer that over being unnoticed in the corner. 

We have clear goals in every aspect of life. Each morning I wake up and realize I was blessed with another day. I realize that everyday should have a purpose and shouldn’t be wasted. Physical, mental, and spiritual goals are set, and we’re persistent and insistent in accomplishing every single one. I maximize my downtime. I want to go out, enjoy life, & better myself. I don’t want to sit at home in sweatpants and watch Netflix for hours on end–what kinda memories do I make from that?! I love to be busy, devoting most of my time to things I completely enjoy.

Now, I’m no psychologist, but this pretty much sums up the entirety of an “Alpha Female.” Of course, it’s important to acknowledge our flaws and the things we need to work on. But the Alpha part of me gives me the confidence and drive toward self-improvement. It’s important to know who we are, to love ourselves as well as others, & to embrace the day. Carpe Diem!


–Cecilia Jean–

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