Royce Professional Styling Iron

I would like to introduce this fabulous, new professional hair styling brand to you . . . Royce by Christy Bruski. This specific iron is the Mercury Series, available in purple, white, and black. Having a good iron is essential, especially in the dry, cold winter when our hair doesn’t corporate to begin with.

The Mercury series was specifically created for high-quality performance and the ability to deliver a more gentle way to style your hair that lasts all day long. This iron straightens, flips, waves & curls. I used this iron for the my curls in the pictures below, & they seriously turned out amazing. This item is new on the market & on sale as a courtesy to all shoppers! Its discount only lasts until December 31st, so make sure to buy it PRONTO!

What makes this iron so great?

-reduces hair pull due to the angle of the plates

-universal voltage that can be used anywhere

-1 inch plates designed into a bullet shape for specific sectioning and details

-Quick heat-up in 30 seconds with an adjustable external LED thermostat. Adjustable heat 265-450°F

-Automatic shut off in 60 minutes for saving energy and your protection.

-Has a 10 foot, extra long cord that rotates 360° to style from any angle.

With the straighteners I used in the past, my hair would get caught between the plates and pull. But not with the Mercury Series iron. It has become my everyday styling tool, and I promise once you have your hands on it, it will be yours, too!

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