Cardigans Never Go Out of Style

Since when is it December 4th already? I swear I can’t keep track of the dates anymore. My first college semester is coming to an end, and I could NOT be happier (besides studying for finals). The best part is, all my friends come home from their universities. For a month, while they’re home, they’ll only be a few miles away, which is great. But it’s such a tease, because right when I get used to them being home, they’ll be ripped away from me again! Oh well, I gotta enjoy the time I have & definitely make the most of every day. I’m really pulling for a trip to Cali or NY with some friends, so fingers crossed!

I’ve always been a sweater-kinda girl. It’s easier to throw on a sweater then a cardigan because I don’t have to think about what to wear under it. It’s just like how I prefer rompers over skirts because they’re simply less work. BUT. . . cardigans are growing on me, and I found the perfect one! In fact, I bought it (link here) in all 4 colors (rust, green, grey, black) LOL! Of course, when I made the purchase, it was full price. . . but now it’s SUPER marked down! Seriously, only $15 ! Get them while you can- they’re a lifesaver; I throw them over any shirt or dress.

These booties are also AMAZINGGG! They are the perfect chestnut color. Major Shoe Tip: buy waterproof spray and protect ALL of your shoes. I promise you wont be sorry. I get multiple seasons worth of use out of all my shoes now that I discovered this. Rain & snow wont bother the faux suede or leather. Scroll down for closer views of my booties.

Each item I’m wearing is under $30. Plus, everything is on sale right now!

Enjoy this Sunday!


–Cecilia Jean–

(Photos by Lisa Fergus)

Shop my Look: Jeans $23  |  Cardigan $15  |  Booties $25


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