Suede & Stripes? Yes, Please!

FRI-NALLY FRIDAY! But really, why did this week seem 12 days long?

I told myself that this is my weekend to relax and get caught up on random to-do’s, but we’ll see how long that lasts. I think I’m headed to Chicago in hunt for wall-paintings (stay tuned, definitely pictures to come)!

I’m so in love with this outfit.  It’s so “Clueless” (that movie is like a rite of passage–BTW,  it’s on Netflix for youClueless virgins out there), starting with this must-have suede skirt.  I got this last season at Old Navy, but I found two similar ones linked below. I’ve always wanted to wear over-the-knee socks, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so; it really complemented the shooties. Yes, I did just say “shootie.” I don’t know when this expression became a thing, because I obviously missed the memo, but I love this word! It’s a cross between a shoe and a bootie; clever, huh? I did find the shooties (I just love saying it, lol) and the striped top at a consignment store.  SCOREEEE! I did my best to find replicas of each piece–& each piece linked below is less than  $60!

And don’t forget Veterans Day today! Thank you to all our military personnel (including my older brother) for bravely doing what you’re called to do so we can safely do what we’re free to do. Just remember, not everyone gets weekends off…


–Cecilia Jean–

Shop My Look! (Left to Right): Shootie #1 | Shootie #2 | Fedora #1 | Fedora #2 |Choker | Skirt #1 | Skirt #2 | Socks | Striped Top

(Photos by Lisa Fergus)


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