Floral Activewear


I just needed to share this sports bra & legging combo I found at Sears . . . once again! How adorable is it? A cute outfit makes me feel so much more confident in the gym—nothing wrong with that. The sides of the leggings, and the back & top of the bra, are all mesh. The front of […]

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Pink, Pink, Pink in The Gym


  Like I’ve said before, having some new workout gear is honestly a wonderful motivator.  I’m usually one to buy my leggings/sports bras from TJMaxx, but I walked passed Sears at a nearby mall the other day, and I saw ADORABLE matching sets. I went back the next week to look around, and I fell […]

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Forget the Count, Grab the Cape 


When it comes to outerwear, capes can bring a welcome dash of drama to an outfit.  Yes, I know all about the Superman and Count Dracula vibes…LOL. And yes, I know capes are not one of Donna Karan’s “seven easy pieces” essential for moving from the classroom to the boardroom.  But the flexibility and flair […]

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19 Lessons in 19 Years


There is nothing wrong with being confident.  Be comfortable in your own skin! Nobody was born confident—it’s  something we are all capable of doing. I’ve learned “It’s OKAY” to love myself. Walk into a room with your head held high, make eye contact when talking to others, & always dress to impress. Try to take advantage […]

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Fave Furry Sneakers


Wow, what a crazy past few days. School started again, and although people say “syllabus week” is easy, it’s super stressful trying to get into a routine and organize everything. I had a 7am class this morning & I thought it was going to be terrible! Turns out, I love that it was so early. Today […]

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The Forever Fashionable Faux Fur Vest


Hey, Readers! Over here in the Chicago area it’s been dark and gloomy, but that’s better than snow in my book. I have a ski trip this weekend with my best friend Dana (can’t wait to see you!) & I’m hoping it will be sunny & kinda warm. If the only snow we had were […]

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Floral Burgundy Dress


Can we just talk about Target for a second? I go into the store looking for one thing. I come out as the proud owner of aisles 2,7,& 13. I can’t help myself, I find THE best stuff there. For example: this dress and these booties! I’m obsessed with everything about this dress. The fit, length, colors, […]

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Note to Self: 2016


To be honest, 2016 flew by. I think the major reason it felt so short was because I had so much going on. Many personal milestones were met in the past 12 months. I gotta say, it was a great year! I graduated high school, finished my first college semester (with all A’s and B’s, […]

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My Christmas Attire 


That time of year has come when we see (and it seems like never-ending) tons of family and friends. The two questions I can always count on multiple people asking: How I did in school & do you have a boyfriend? I would rather just have them ask where I got my outfit. . . […]

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Leather on Leather on Leather


Sorry readers! I’ve been absent lately on the blog . . .  crazy finals. But my first semester has come to an end, and HELLO! A month & a half off school! . . . Starting a continuous cycle of work, gym, friends, shopping, & photoshoots.  Whatta life 🙂 I’ve been SOO into black leather […]

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